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PROGRAM OF STUDIES. Designed for juniors this study abroad program is open to students from all colleges within the University. A special civil engineering and geological sciences program has been developed for fall semester participants who are juniors; it combines coursework with intensive field research in several Australian mining and engineering companies. All students are encouraged to enroll in a specially designed course on Australian history, during which they have the opportunity to travel to the north coast town of Broome where a special unit in Aboriginal studies is offered. The University of Notre Dame – Australia offers undergraduate courses in communications, psychology, theology, law, education, and several foreign languages.

Career Counseling, Career Courses, Institutes, Universities, GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT

Career Counseling, Career Courses, Institutes, Universities, GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering Department home page at the University of Notre Dame. On these pages you will find information regarding our degree programs and research efforts. We welcome any inquiries regarding the information provided on these pages and would especially like to encourage highly qualified students to consider pursuing a course of study in Electrical Engineering at Notre Dame.

The University of Western Australia (UWA) was established in 1911 as the State’s first university. It was also the first free university in the British Empire, actively promoting equal access to tertiary education for all social classes.

The University was established due largely to the efforts of Sir John Winthrop Hackett, who had a long-standing vision and passion to provide Western Australia with a university. Proprietor and editor of The West Australian newspaper, he chaired a Royal Commission which recommended the establishment of a university. Later he was the founding Chancellor and bequeathed more than £425,000 (the equivalent of more than $32 million today) to the University.

Career Counseling, Career Courses, Institutes, Universities, GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT

Career Counseling, Career Courses, Institutes, Universities, GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT

There was consensus among legislators of the time that the University not only be free, but also provide tertiary education of a practical nature to help develop Western Australia’s pioneering economy. At the time of the University’s foundation, Perth’s population was just 121,000 and its economy relied mostly on agricultural, pastoral and mining industries.

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As a result, the founding professorial appointments were in Agriculture, Mining and Engineering, Geology, Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, History and Economics, Biology and English. These were balanced to an extent by the appointment of lecturers in Classics and Ancient History, French, German, Mental and Moral Philosophy, and Veterinary Science. Overarching these 12 posts were three faculties – Engineering, Science and Arts.
In 1913, the University opened its doors to 184 students. They attended buildings with timber walls and corrugated iron roofs on a temporary site in Irwin Street, in what is now the Perth central business district. The number of buildings at Irwin Street grew slowly to accommodate more students. One structure – which accommodated the birth of the Labour Party of Western Australia – was transported from Coolgardie, 580 kilometres north-east of Perth.

High hopes for the fledgling university were put under a dark cloud the following year with the outbreak of the First World War. Many students and staff volunteered for military service and the local economy was hit badly, affecting its ability to fund the University.

The University today

In today’s dynamic global environment, achieving international excellence is the university’s focus. UWA is currently one of the lead universities in Australia and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise.

The dual strengths of research and research training now set the University apart as one of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities. Responsible for almost 70% of the university-based research and development in Western Australia, UWA is ranked second for research in Australia taking account of its size1.

Undergraduates now learn in an environment of research. This means they are not only informed by the latest research, they are also expected to pursue and critically interpret new information with scientific rigor.

The University continues to meet the needs of the economy and community through research. Its strengths are in:

* exploration, production and exploitation of minerals, oil and gas
* the management of agricultural and natural ecosystems
* the humanities and social sciences
* health and bio-medicine (injury research, prevention, repair and rehabilitation)
* genetic epidemiology
* indigenous issues
* information technology, telecommunications and computer science and
* international management and business studies.

Quality education

UWA is ranked second in Australia for the quality of its undergraduate programs. We also have the highest quality undergraduates of any university in Australia. This is underpinned by the fact that the proportion of UWA graduates accepted into full-time employment within five months of completing their course is the highest of all Western Australian universities and among the highest in Australia.

Coupled with this success is our high-quality intake of students. Western Australia’s top-achieving school leavers choose to study at UWA as do high-calibre undergraduate and postgraduate students from around Australia and the world, particularly South-East Asia.
Student and staff numbers

We now have more than 18,000 students enrolled at UWA for undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as cross-institutional and enabling courses. Of our total number of students, about 3000 are overseas students. Our number of academic staff now stands at over 1200, of which one third has gained overseas qualifications.
MEA were having an identity crisis. They were using two logos, one that spelt out their name, Measurement Engineering Australia and an abbreviation MEA. Sometimes they used both, other times just one. They wanted to launch a marketing campaign and redesign their website, so they came to us.

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